Friday, January 30, 2009

More and More Hats!

I love making hats! I often have pieces of fleece left from making baby blankets so I use the remnants to sew hats for the kids. This was a fun one I made for Owen last year. It still fits him and he loves to wear it...even when it isn't hat weather!

This was a hat I made for Owen when he was a baby. I found it the other day and was delighted to discover it fit Ben...not that he needs another hat!

For more Frugal Friday ideas, visit Crystal at Biblical Womanhood!


  1. Ok, you've got to make a snow man hat for baby no 3. I will SO pay you for that! YOu've got to add that to your Etsy shop! How adorable!

  2. The hats are adorable. You are so crafty!

  3. I LOVE the fleece hat! Can you post your pattern or instructions for making the fun fleece hat? Thanks!

  4. I enjoy your blog. Thanks! Could you sometime post instruction for that adorable fleece hat!!! I love it and would love to make one for my son for this winter, if possible. Thanks!


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