Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slingin' Saturday-- Rockin' Baby Sling

This edition of Slingin' Saturday features the Rockin' Baby Sling. Thanks to Lisa McDaniel and Natasha Walsh for their generous donation!

The Rockin' Baby Sling is a ring sling, something I was eager to try. However, having worn so many pocket slings, this was quite an adjustment. It was hard getting used to the excess fabric hanging down and threading the rings was a challenge, too. While this sling wasn't my favorite, it had some wonderful features.

  • The fabric in the tail had a zipper pocket for tucking an extra diaper or the car keys.

  • The sling was reversible making it more versatile (for those who like their sling to match their outfit as I do!).

  • Because ring slings allow you to tighten the fabric around the baby, I was able to wear Benjamin upright against my chest even before he could support his own weight.

  • Also because of the ability to loosen and tighten the fabric, these ring slings are one-size fits-all so I didn't have to worry about choosing the best size.

To order one for yourself, click here!

To read my review of the Rockin' Baby Pouch (the pocket pouch made by the same company), click here!

And don't forget to check back NEXT SATURDAY for my sling giveaway!!!


  1. That sling is gorgeous! I like how it's adjustable. Very cute!


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