Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slingin' Saturday-- Rockin' Baby Pouch

It's time for another Slingin' Saturday! To read my intro on baby wearing, click here!

Thanks to Lisa McDaniel & Natasha Walsh at Rockin’ Baby Sling in Los Angeles for the donation of this week's sling!

When Ben was four weeks old, Brian and I had to attend a funeral. We decided to leave the older kids with my mom, but my little nursling needed to go along. Knowing my casual/trendy slings wouldn't do, I decided to try the classy Rockin' Baby Pouch. The sleek cotton looked dressy but not showy. Unlike the pocket slings I've tried in the past, this pouch required no folding. Baby simply fits inside the pre-shaped pouch opening. Great for babywearing newbies!

The feature I loved the best? The Rockin' Baby Pouch is equipped with a set of zippers behind the shoulder to allow for adjustment depending on size. The S/M sling I have fits those 5'3" to 6' and 120 to 220 pounds. You can also adjust the size according to taste. For example, Ben likes to be held loosely, not pressed tightly against my body so I let out some of the fabric and we were good to go! Best of all, after you adjust, the zippers are covered by a ring of fabric to prevent them from digging into skin or distracting from the look.

I also love that this sling is reversible so if I have a more informal occasion to attend, I easily switch to this more "splashy" print!

Rockin' Baby Pouches retail for $82-- a little on the high end of slings I've seen but expected for the superior quality of the fabric and the added features.

Like this sling? Keep checking back for my sling giveaway in February!


  1. Very classy. That's a great picture of you & Benjamin.


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