Friday, December 12, 2008

"Please, Christmas, Don't Be Late!"

Christmas 2005
Gavin (3), Maddie (16 months)

Disaster #1: One morning while I was still sleeping, Gavin tiptoed down to the advent calendar we had hanging on the refrigerator. He opened every door except one and ate the little chocolates hiding in each compartment!

Disaster #2: While I was upstairs, Maddie climbed onto the kitchen table and ate the candy off of our gingerbread house!

Disaster #3: Gavin climbed under the tree and opened one of his Daddy's presents.

Note to self: Keep kids with me AT ALL TIMES!

Christmas 2006
Gavin (4), Maddie (2 years), Owen (3 months)

Disaster #1: One day while I laid down with Maddie (who had a fever) and Owen, Gavin took advantage of my sleepiness and went up to the "no-no" room, opened up multiple Christmas presents and started playing with them!

Disaster #2: As if #1 wasn't enough, I awoke at 3 am the next night to more sounds in the "no-no" room. This time, he had the presents out again, but this time was trying to wrap them back up for me!

Reminder to self: Keep kids with me AT ALL TIMES!

Christmas 2007
Gavin (5), Maddie (3), Owen (15 months)

Disaster #1: Finally remembering to keep the kids with me AT ALL TIMES, we averted disaster until December 19th. I noticed "things" on the wall by the Christmas tree but paid little attention. When Brian got home from work, he looked closely and discovered the "things" were teeny-tiny praying mantises that had hatched from our live Christmas tree! After killing hundreds (!) on the wall, packages, curtains, etc., we dragged the tree outside and went to buy a new one to decorate 3 days before Christmas!


  1. We've had praying mantises, too. There are hundreds of them when they hatch. I've heard it's illegal to kill them. I won't turn you in if you won't turn me in :)

  2. Funny!! I know, easy for me to say. ;) So sorry about your tree, though: what a bummer!

    I hope you can avoid any 2008 disasters.

  3. Oh wow! I didn't know that about your tree last year. Oh brother! :)

  4. EEK! I certainly won't ever be buying a live tree! If that had happened to me, we would have had to move. Seriously. I hope 2008 goes better!

  5. Thank you! I needed that this week!

  6. Oh my goodness!! lol I feel a little bad for laughing... but oh my goodness!!! That is just too much. Good thing we love our kids so

    Many blessings-


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