Monday, December 22, 2008

Creative Christmas

I love that Maddie is old enought to join me when I work on projects now. It's fun to have a little helper that loves to create! We sat down one afternoon recently to tackle an idea I saw in a magazine.

First, I etched a simple design onto a white, unscented candle. (I used an empty lead pencil, but you could use anything with a dull point.) Since it is Christmastime, we decided to make tree and snowflake candles, but you could try other simple shapes.

Next, Maddie used a small paintbrush to color in the design. We used a wet Q-tip to wipe away any paint that went outside the lines.

We let our candles dry for 1-2 hours and voila!


  1. How cute! I think I saw the same magazine, or at least the same idea. I wondered how well it would work, and you've made it look pretty easy.


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