Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works-For- Me Wednesday: 4 Kids, 1 Small Bedroom

We live in a 3 bedroom townhouse. With neither an attic or basement, we've chosen to use our smallest bedroom as a storage room. That leaves us with 2 bedrooms for 6 people. Gavin and Maddie currently share the "kid" bedroom. We have the little boys in our room-- Owen on a mattress of the floor and Ben in our bed. However, the "kid" room holds all kids' clothing and toys.

About a month before Ben was born, we realized we didn't have a place for his clothing and we set about looking for a solution. Gavin, Maddie, and Owen were currently sharing two dressers but they were at capacity. Not wanting to clutter the room with an additional dresser, we decided to start from scratch. We sold one dresser and moved the second downstairs. (More like an armoire, we decided to make it our TV cabinet.) We purchased one of these open storage units from Target. It fits into the closet so it takes up no space in the room. Each child chose a different colored bin and they keep their underwear, socks and PJs in their own compartments. (This system works well because Owen can put away and find some of his own laundry.)

We also purchased two identical "assemble-yourself" dressers for the room. We assigned each child two drawers and I painted the knobs to match the color bins they had chosen. Again, this makes it easy for Owen to find his own clothing. For that matter, color coordinating makes it easier for me, too!

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  1. How organized! I'm glad you posted pictures. I think it's ridiculous how people think they need an extra room for each kid. We probably won't be able to afford that, so it's good to know there's a way to make a small house work. We have three bedrooms too, but luckily we have a storage building out back now. My husband and his dad built it recently.

  2. Wow, that is inspiring. I tend to get so panicky about space, and I especially love the Target unit(s) in the closet. Thanks for sharing how you work the storage.

  3. Just goes to show, when you are creative you can live happily in any size space! We will be having 3 kids in one room and us in the other for awhile... and I think it will be great!

    Many blessings-

  4. Great idea about painting the knobs. Our kids will all be sharing a room in our tiny 2 bedroom house. Right now Emahry is in the kids room & Jonathan's in with us, but all of their clothes are in the closet and dresser in the kids room.

  5. Great ideas!

    We have two kids in the one room, Ada in her own room and then Kylie in with us. I like the coloring/organizing ideas!

    thanks for getting back to me about the nursing tank. I'm still looking. If I find one I love I'll let you know!

  6. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It is soo appreciated.

    And I just must say, those bins are wonderful. We have two - one for girls one for boys - for their toys. They both fit nicely in their closet. :)

    Before we moved, we were living in a two bedroom basement, no upstairs. I was preggo with #4 and just knew God had some plan to expand our living space. He was right. Two months before delivering, we moved into a 3 bedroom ranch with a finished basement. I don't know if you are on the look out for anything, but somehow, God always provides!


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