Monday, December 8, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Today is Gavin's 6th birthday! Last week, I said to him, "Gavin, how can it be that you are turning six? I just brought you home from the hospital!" Ever the literal one, he said, "No, Mama, you did not!"

When I told him, I was going to take a special picture of him to put on my blog for his birthday, he said, "Special? Like this?"

That's a 6-year-old boy for you!

Seriously, though, time has flown and I'm happy to celebrate my energetic, math-minded, tender-hearted, not-so-little-anymore boy who six years ago today made me a mom!

Happy Birthday, Gavin!


  1. Happy, happy 6th birthday to Gavin (who 6 years ago made me a "Gran"!)! Yes, time does fly indeed!
    Aunt Kati, Aunt Bekah and I will call later with our birthday serenade. :-) Until then, enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Birthday Gavin!!!! It does feel like yesterday I found out you were expecting!!!

  3. That's funny! (Referring to pic. ;-)

  4. Happy birthday, Gavin! I can still remember holding you in the hospital that day.

  5. Happt Birthday little man! Hopeyou got to eat lots of cake!

    Many blessings-


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