Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Proverbs 31:28-30

Dear Mom,

You may have thought no one was watching when you created carefree fun on a restricted budget. But I was watching. I noticed. I warmly recall those days so many years ago when you took young Ryan and me to the mall where we split a hot dog while we played on the "big steps." Those recollections still inspire me to do the little things that grow big in the memories of my children.

Her children arise and call her blessed.

You may have thought no one was watching when we took vacations that were not your "cup of tea." But I was watching; I noticed. We waited in line for the roller coasters while you waited on a bench, and you gripped the van door while Dad wound through mountain roads and stopped at every steep overlook. You endured cheerfully for the sake of family fellowship. I think of you now as I travel with my own family and die to my own desires, bringing them happiness.

You may have thought no one was watching your relationship with Dad, but I was watching. I noticed how you enjoyed cooking to his liking and how, when he was going to be home late from work, you would serve the rest of us while you waited for him. I remember how you never spoke a negative word about him to others and that made such an impression on me that I've made that a personal policy in my own marriage.

Her husband also, and he praises her.

You may have thought no one was watching the sacrifices you made the summer I turned seventeen, but I was watching. I noticed how, with a three-year-old in tow, you taxied me to work each morning and then prepared dinner in the afternoon so I could eat while you transported me to my evening employment. I think of you now as I strive to "do all things without complaining."

You may have thought no one was watching when you read your tattered, gray Bible in the mornings, but I was watching. I noticed. I think of you now as I thumb through the worn pages of my own Bible and say as you often said, "I don't want a new one because I know this one so well."

Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.

You may have thought no one was watching numerous thing you did, but I was watching and I noticed. I watched as you surrendered your days alone to bring us back home for school. I watched as you went through a difficult later-in-life pregnancy and endured insensitive comments, but maintained your joy in God's blessing of the new life within you. I watched as you rejoiced with a son in his chance for advancement and adventure, but wept as it pulled him miles away and left an ache in your heart. I watched as you beckoned guests into our home and delivered meals, cards, and encouragement to friends. I watched as you lived.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.



  1. Lovely - sounds like you were raised by a wonderful mother.

  2. Beautiful. What a touching post. You are very blessed in the mother God gave to you!

  3. Amazinf Kristin. Just beautiful. What a huge testimony to your mom.

    This is just wonderful!!

    God bless-

  4. I have to say that I am extremely humbled by your words. (And you will not find it hard to believe that I am moved to tears.) Since I read this last night, I have been mulling over the phrase...*only* by His grace.

  5. Kristin, that was a beautiful post! You do have a special Mom!

    Kim :-)

  6. Boy, what a great tribute to your mother! Had to push bach the tears!


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