Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Weakness

Motherhood has taught me something.

I'm a lousy pretender.

I can read a story, bounce on the trampoline, lead craft projects, sing a lulluby or sing at the top of my lungs, give a push on the swing, do puzzles...

But when I'm asked, "Mama, will you play with me?"...

I'm at a loss. How about you?



  1. Had to smile... sounds familiar!

  2. I have issues with sitting down and playing because I always think about what needs to get done around the house. I need to make sure I focus on just spending time playing, too!

  3. Yes! Count me too among the moms who does not "play"! (Kristin, I'm sure you know that anyway! :-)

    Somehow between childhood and adulthood, I lost the abiltiy to know *how* to pretend. Whenever I tried, I didn't do it "right" (according to the children). So I gave up the guilt and decided that I had many things that I *could* do...that no one else could do as well as Mom!

  4. I'm the opposite; I can pretend, but I'm lousy at crafts projects and sing-alongs. I'm more likely to get caught up into pretending and want to keep the game going past my son's level of interest. Too bad we don't live near each other - we could balance each other out!

  5. This is one thing I was afraid of when I became a mom. I'm terrible at pretend. I have a terrible imgaination... I'm trying to work on it though! So I can truly relate!

  6. I'm ditto-ing your Mom's comment! Luckily my girls figured it out quickly and didn't ask a whole lot. Now when it comes to crafts and messy projects, no problem!

    Kim :-)


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