Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Turns to Night

There is a day in the spring when we set our clocks forward an hour.  The sun shines into the evening and after dinner, enough light remains to shine on us for a stroll around the neighborhood.  The children's ears strain to be the first to detect the tinny notes of the ice cream truck's song.  Bathtime comes just before bedtime as we make sticky bodies ready for smooth sheets.

But there is also a day in autumn when clocks are wound back...and I can't help but embrace sentiments of this day, this season...

In late afternoon, the older children pull on socks and sweatshirts and leggings and run outside to soak up the what little warmth the sun still holds.  Sprawled on the sidewalk, Owen and Gavin create chalk designs while, through the clouds, the sun makes its own pink and orange pictures as it sink into the horizon.  Maddie weaves around them on her bicycle, her cheeks matching the colors of the sunset hour. 

Inside, I resist clicking on the lamp, instead boiling dinner potatoes by light of a candle flickering on top of the bookshelf.  In a moment between stirs, I tiptoe to the door to watch the children, breathing in the mingling aromas of roasting chicken and chill air and cider candle. 

And when Brian arrives home at day's end, bodies file inside, lights switch on, and volume swells, as mouths brim with hot food and tales of the day's exploits.  Curtains pulled shut against a now-gray sky, it feels cozy here.  A bit too noisy as Benjamin yells, "Neigh, neigh, neigh,"  in response to his sister's giggling inquiry as to what a horse says. And a bit too chaotic as everyone asks to have their bread buttered at once.  But it is cozy here, and I wouldn't trade this time, this season, for a million sunny evenings! 


  1. Such a wonderful vision into your evenings... and sounds so familiar! Happy Fall!

  2. What a pleasant cozy evening picture your words created:)

  3. I, too, love this time of year! Candles and cozy warmth and long evenings...aahhhh.

  4. I too love this time of year! The colors, the chill in the air, the long evenings and the smell of a candle burning in the distance. So refreshing and a welcome change!
    I just wanted to say too you really know how to paint a wonderful picture of what is going on around you. You are an excellent writer.

  5. I love this time of year, too. I love being nice and cozy in our new home and all the wonderful smells of fall.

  6. I was telling my husband about your blog last night. I always read your posts from my Google reader, but I felt compelled to come on over here and tell you how absolutely beautiful your last several posts have been. Of course, I've always admired what you write but for some reason, I have been particularly moved by your words as of late. I just wanted to say I appreciate the things you share, admire the way you craft your thoughts into words, and enjoy your stories!

  7. Lovely post (as always). I always have a bit of trouble adjusting to the shorter days, but it is nice to curl up under a blanket to read in the evenings. Happy Fall!


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