Monday, November 30, 2009

Children's Book Monday

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Throughout the year when browsing the library shelves, my fingers would often catch a Christmas book.  I thumbed through pages as they beckoned me to join their tale.  But I resisted check-out.  Instead, I scribbled down titles and saved my list, planning and waiting for December.  In mid-November, I retrieved the list and began tucking books into my bag and squirreling them away at home.  And like the gunshot at the beginning of a race, the day after Thanksgiving was the signal to commence our season's reading.

The Christmas Tree Ship
written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter

We snuggle by our own tree, the scent of fir in our nostrils as we prepare to immerse in this simple story.  We begin...  "Each year on the last day of November, Captain Herman and his crew cut trees to bring to the city in time for Christmas." 

We follow the story of the real-life boat captain who annualy traveled from his Michigan home across the lake to Chicago, delivering Christmas trees.  We read of his interactions in the city.  We read of the year (1912) when his fishing boat is caught in a blizzard.  And though the words of the story are captivating alone, the vividly-colored illustrations fuel our imaginations.  From the glow of fire in the street lamps to the purple and blue haze of freezing snow flakes and pink shading of the sun, we can feel the setting through the visuals. 

So next summer...and every I begin walking the library rows and yearning for Christmas, this book is sure to again find its way to my list. 


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful! I'm placing a hold right this very instant- thank you, friend! (I do the same thing- scribble down those Christmas gems as I come across them in other seasons... we are kindreds!)


  2. That sounds like a great book. And I love the visual of cuddling around the tree. Sadly, we're going to have to delay putting up ours this year because of the incredibly destructive toddler. But reading, that we can still do. :)

  3. We, too, stumbled across this little gem a few years ago.
    And we read "Elisabeth" today...and loved it! What a story!

  4. Got it! And we've read it four times already, Eliana also hopping down after dinner and pulling it from the winter nature table basket and paging through on her own...

    Thank you, kind friend!

  5. Looks like a good one. I'm putting it on my list.


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