Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More tea, less me.

I always have an excuse. 

"It's almost dinnertime." 

"I am in the middle of something. Maybe in a bit." 

"Not now.  I just sat down!" 

But this time I pushed aside all the reasons against and decided to go for it.  So after pulling the bathtub drain and sending little ones off to choose pajamas, I hurried downstairs to set up a surprise tea party.  And when they came down, freshly bathed and brushed and pajamed, it was waiting. 

Maddie's blue eyes sparkled and the boys gladly played along.  We sat around the table, nibbling chocolate chip cookies and sipping pretend tea out of tin cups.  We spoke in soft voices and held up dignified pinky fingers.  We said delicate pleases and thank-yous as we passed around the teapot.  When we were full, we turned cups over onto saucers to decline more.  And every moment that I could have been sweeping crumbs or tidying the living room or throwing towels in the wash was worth it.

How many other moments have I disregared because I'm too busy?  How many joy-bringing opportunities do I turn down in exchange for lesser things?  And how long really does it take to stop and shower love?  It takes only a moment to read to the new walker who toddles over, turns backward, and plops down on my lap with his book.  It takes only a moment to swaddle a doll in a flowered blanket and hand her back to her "mama."  And it takes no time at all to sing along to "Jingle Bells" for the seventh time while standing at the sink washing dishes or to listen to a stream of Lego facts while I eat my lunch.

These moments make life full.  Moment by moment by moment, sloughing off  the sin of self and giving more of myself to others-- to them.

Every moment offers a choice.  I intend to make the right one.  Won't you, too?


  1. Me, too!

    (How often I hear myself saying: "Just a minute..." and then in a "minute" forgetting all about it. Or by that time~ my child has wandered off.

    This was on my heart today, as well~ as we all colored together and I ignored the laundry and the cluttered house and just delighted in my children. :)

  2. Im with you its so hard sometimes to just stop for a minute.
    A surprise tea party,that must have really been amazing to them.
    What a great mommy :)

  3. What a great idea and reminder! It is so very true!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I am feeling encouraged by your words. Thank you.

  5. Visiting from Amanda's and just wanted to say HI!
    Oh, how I understand your heart behind this post. Too often I have found "no" on the tip of my tongue - before my children have finished asking me for one more thing.
    But one day when I started saying "yes," I discovered we were all a little happier, had a little more fun, enjoyed each other a little more.
    More tea, less me. I like that!



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