Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Day for Girls

"Mama and Maddie are going out for a bit," I told Benjamin.  "And you are staying home for a boy day."  He whimpered.  The enticement of grilled cheese sandwiches and an "I Spy" card game with Daddy at home did nothing to quell his fear of the two nurturing females leaving home at the same time. 

We slipped on shoes and I buttoned my coat and zipped Maddie's.  I peeled Benjamin Barnacle off my legs and with a kiss to his head, we were off.  This promised day had been anticipated for weeks, a rare time for just us girls.  Days with boys are full of life and noise and Lego building and I forget how calming a quiet lunch and conversation can be. 

We did a bit of birthday shopping for Brian whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow.  We walked aisles and made choices at a pace I am not accustomed to.  My girl is a slow, deliberate one, and I seem to always be rushing from one activity to another.  But not today. 

Lunch was more of the same.  No rush, no hurry.    Deliberate nibbling of sandwiches and giggling in tall chairs by the window.  Ordering cookies larger than our hands and eating every crumb.  And then (because we just couldn't bear the thought of going home yet) stopping by our favorite store to window shop. 

But soon, we began to miss the clamor and the silliness.  We missed the crumbs on faces and the scattered toys.  Soon home called because home is our favorite place to be.

Amidst the chatter over dinner (with over-sized bites and regular-sized chairs), I realized we had been having such a lovely day, I hadn't taken any pictures.  Memories last longer anyway.


  1. These memories you mentioned are when I miss having a little girl, but I agree, I can never stay away from home too long... home is my favorite place!

    Glad you didn't take pictures and that you made special memories with your one and only girl!

  2. So glad that you girls were able to have a special day!
    Although it is neither practical nor necessary to have lots of these (and then they wouldn't be as "special" anyway), the memories made when we make the effort are priceless!

  3. You make me want a girl!! I'm so thankful for the noise and toys that boys bring!

    So glad you had a special day!

  4. So sweet!! Hope Brian had a wonderful day today... and so glad you got to spend time with your sweet girls. I am the same way about home... I always just want to get there!!! lol :)


  5. Oh wow. You have such a beautiful writing style. You day sounds lovely. Home is our favorite place to be, and I agree memories last longer. I hope you have a blessed day!


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