Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Whisper of Spring

The perpetual winter cold seeped under the door the day before Christmas.  Oh, yes, the whistle of wind through trees provided steady background noise and several inches of snow contributed to the puddle of melting ice and salt and soggy mittens that took up residence on the welcome mat.  But they had arrived weeks prior and managed to keep the chill on the other side of the door. 

No, this cold was different.  It was of the dripping nose and aching body and warm forehead variety.  It was the kind of cold that lives inside under fleece blankets, with soup and tissues at the ready.  This cold prefers to cycle through each one individually and then settle again on little noses just as they are beginning to breathe again.   (Can we not find the gift in this, too?)

And so it was in the midst of this endless circle of days that a bit of spring flew in with the mail--spring in the form of a flowery, frilly, girly dress.  Even (especially?) girls of five can be cheered by a bit of beauty.   Her nightgown shed, she pulled the dress over her head.  Mama suggested adding leggings and a shirt underneath, of course, because thought the climate changed inside, it is still winter afterall!  And with sunlight streaming onto golden hair, she danced around the room, bowed for her brothers, and curtsied with grace.  Funny, how colors and patterns have a way of stirring hearts dragged down with gloom.

And funny how feminine tendencies reside deep in the heart.  Did someone teach her to prefer dresses to pants?  Maybe her aunt-friend had an influence.  But maybe not.  It sure is fun, though, to find an inexpensive source of girly apparel.  A handmade dress for $19?  What a deal!  After much Etsy perusing, I stumbled on Puddin' Pies late one evening and was intrigued by the fabric and color combinations and overall beauty of Cynthia's products.  I have been pondering lately how simple beauty-- a flower in a vase, a bow in the hair, a heart on a notecard-- has power to lift the spirit.  I am also drawn to the feminine pants Cynthia creates.  If Mama insists you wear something to keep your legs warm on the coldest of days, it certainly softens the blow if the pants have ruffles.

And though it doesn't usually affect the quality of the work, I like to know what kind of person I am supporting when purchasing handmade items.  Cynthia's bio resonated with me:

I am a stay-at-home mom of two sweet little girls...I am a Christ-follower and want to do what He has planned for me!

Seems as though His plan for us is to get well soon.  The aches are begining to ease.  Noses are drying up and energy and appetites have returned.  As we venture out to run errands or for an outing to a friend's house, the wind reminds us that winter will hover for awhile.  As we await  first bloom and bud, we must find beauty inside.  (Another lesson to be learned perhaps?  While we embrace what He has given on the outside, we choose to fill our insides with beauty.  Your beauty should not come from outward adornment... instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.)

The flowering dress is a promise that the season of singing will come


  1. So pretty!! You are wise to seek out the path the Christ has laid for us!!!

    Love your written thoughts as always...poetry!


  2. What a beautiful dress! And what beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl! ♥

  3. It softens the blow if the pants have ruffles. LOL!
    I am certainly looking forward to spring. Not just because I planted some tulip bulbs last fall, and I'm anxious to see them bloom. But because I am tired of cold toes and fingers! *sigh*

  4. I planted bulbs, too. It is amazing to me to think of bulbs hidden away for the winter, waiting to spring forth.


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