Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Could you, would you?

On Friday,  the seven of us gathered at the table to make our annual pretzel "cookies."  We do it every year  because it is tradition and because there is something for even the (almost) littlest hand to do and because it is one of Brian's favorite Christmas treats.

I already shared my story of how this simple family baking session became an annual ritual.  Now that my entry  is a finalist in Kendra's A Cookie and A Story Contest, it is time to decide a winner.  Visit My First Kitchen today through December 28th and cast your vote after clicking here.  (I'm the second Kristin, the 6th name on the list.)

Would you?

(One vote per day per person...which means you could vote up to 7  times.)


  1. I make those cookies every year, too! Everyone seems to love them!

  2. Voted for you! By the way, do you win a prize? Oh, I hope so!

  3. Yes, the prize is a really fun group of baking related gadgets.


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