Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice...

Stuffing.          Sealing.          Stamping.          Sorting.          Sending.

Preparing our Christmas letters became a family project this year.  I had to look away and pretend I didn't see  letters going upside down into  envelopes and stamps going on crookedly.  It took a real act of will power.  Believe me.  

With Alaine (and sometimes Benjamin, too) perched on my lap, with the Christmas music playing, with lollipops being licked, we talked about each family and individual being sent a card.  Some we see every week.  Some haven't spoken with in years.  Some we've never met.  

We laughed.  We sang.  We made more memories.  

(If you would like to receive our Christmas letter, leave your e-mail address in the comments or my e-mail and I will gladly slip a copy into your inbox by the 25th.) 


  1. We really enjoyed your letter and the photo of your growing family! We've been praying for our family.

    Many Blessings this Christmas!

  2. We also enjoyed the letter! Bubbie was very interested in how I knew you, but had NEVER met you!!! ;) And our letter was neat and I would have never known little hands helped with it!!! Great idea! :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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