Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Steps To Happy Dressing

After having kids, I sort of fell into a style rut.  Between the spit up in my hair (true story) and the hectic craziness of an average day, my main criteria for getting dressed in the morning was, "Is it comfortable?" When I needed to go out, I would scrounge together something that looked a little more put together, but it seemed that when I went to my closet, I was never happy with my choices.   When a special event came up-- a wedding or a birthday party or whatever-- I really panicked because my arsenal of jeans and comfy sweaters didn't fit the bill. 

The problem with wearing my grungy clothes most of the time was that:
  1. If someone came to the door or we had unexpected visitors, I was embarrassed at how unkempt I appeared.
  2. When I needed to look more put together, I was out of practice and couldn't find anything to wear.  
I decided that there must be a solution that didn't involve spending a lot of money. 

I knew that a lack of clothes in my closet was not the problem.  My hangers were not hanging empty.  I simply didn't know how to pull from my closet to create a look that was both comfortable and cute at the same time.  I'm not big on the whole idea of self-esteem, but when I look good, I feel good...and when I feel good, I get more accomplished.  That means that even when I'm at home, it helps to wear clothes that I like and wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in. 

I also knew that I felt most confident in my own style which did not necessarily include the latest styles or accessories. For example, I've only owned one pair of heels in my life and I only wore them once.  Heels are not my thing, no matter how trendy they become.  My sister, on the other hand, doesn't like short-sleeved sweaters so it makes no sense for her to wear one simply because they are in style.  The same goes for you.  If scarves are confining or you think black shirts are boring, don't wear them!  If striped shirts make you feel fat or the thought of skinny jeans makes you ill, don't wear them ! If you feel awkward in something-- even if it is trendy-- chances are you will look awkward, too. 

Confidence in your own style is your first step to happy dressing! 


  1. Oh, how fun. I'm excited to read your other tips. I've just started to climb out of the spit-up stained wardrobe and I think the difference in my attitude is amazing!

  2. I've also found that wearing accessories around the house helps a lot. I love scarves and earrings, so I try to wear them even when I'm not going anywhere. Here's a photo of my latest earrings. They are so comfortable that I don't mind wearing them all day. I can't wait to make more with different colors.

  3. Earrings are my thing, too! I will wear earrings even if I'm not wearing any other jewelry at all. And I love the ones you made, by the way! How did you make them? :-)

  4. Thanks for this: Confidence in your own style is your first step to happy dressing! Great!


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