Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gently Weeding Your Wardrobe

Once I determined that my dressing habits needed an overhaul, I needed a plan.  I knew that I didn't want to spend a lot of money since I had plenty of clothes hanging in my closet.  Still I realized that there were items taking up room that I would never wear again and distracting me from finding the things I could wear.  Whether they didn't fit my post-pregnancy shape or they were hand-me-downs that didn't fit my style, those items needed to go.  I decided that I'd rather have only a handful of items I loved than a closet full of items just taking up space. 

It seems ironic that by removing items from my closet I suddenly felt like I had more to wear, but it is the truth.  Removing the closet clutter helped  the closet treasures shine. 

After the  ruthless weeding, I took it a step further.  I turned all of my hangers backwards in the closet. 

After wearing an item, I hang it back in the closet the right way.  Visually, it helps me realize what I've worn... and what is being neglected. 

At the beginning of the summer season, I can determine what items were not worn at all during the cold weather months, and I can confidently weed them out of closet, knowing I didn't need them or like them enough to choose them.

Maybe it is too overwhelming for you to go viciously pulling items out of your closet.  Maybe you are afraid that the moment you get rid of your pink striped T-shirt, you'll want to wear it again.  This hanger method takes the brainwork and the sentimentality out of weeding your closet and lets the closet speak for itself.

{tomorrow: going shopping in my closet}


  1. We did the same hanger trick in our closet at the beginning of this month. I love the visual of what I haven't worn yet.

  2. That's a great idea...turning the hangers around. Hmmmm...I wonder if I could make myself do this considering that I bought all new hangers last spring (the flat, suede-y kind that are non-slip and take up very little room in the closet), and love how neat and tidy the closet looks!

    Enjoying your tips...


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