Friday, February 17, 2012

Finished Friday

When we moved into our home last May, our first goals centered around the obvious things that needed doing.  The front door had big sheets of peeling paint that needed to be removed before the door could be primed and re-painted.  The pump house needed to be emptied of the previous owner's (literal) junk and the truckload (!) of stuff hauled away.  The door frames to the bedrooms and the kids' bathroom needed to be repainted.  The dishwasher needed repair.  Dead bushes needed to be uprooted.  We spent many a busy summer evening and fall weekend working on house projects.  Then Christmas arrived with its flurry of going and doing. 

It was the middle of January before we sat back and said, "Okay, what can we do now?"  With the pressing projects out of the way, we turned to the more frivolous list of to-dos. 

I've been asking Brian for years to paint something (the side of a dresser, a section of the wall...) with black chalkboard paint, but he has never shown any interest, so when he showed me a picture in a magazine of a kitchen cabinet chalkboard and said he like how it looked, I jumped into action. 

We bought the paint and a small roller and set to work.  It was a slow process.  Each coat of paint took about five minutes to apply, but we had to wait twenty-four hours between coats...and it took three coats for adequate coverage!  Then we had to "prime" the chalkboard with a layer of chalk for another twenty-four hours before the project could be called complete. 

And what did we choose to write on our new kitchen chalkboard first?  Another to-do list of home projects!    

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  1. That's so neat!!

    How fun!! I love it.

  2. Oh, I love it. Sorry I was so late in getting Finished Friday up today. I added this post to the linky :)

  3. I love it!! You guys did a great job!


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