Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Milestone Saturday

Monday, September 30 marks the 1-year anniversary of my running journey.  One year ago, I walked out of my house on a sunny fall morning and discovered just how far running was out of my comfort zone.  I found out how much muscle control and lung capacity it takes to run and keep running.  Only my sense of determination and a fierce competitive streak kept me from quitting on that first day.  One year ago, I couldn't run more than a minute at at time.

Today I ran my third 5K.

pre-race photo op;
 please excuse the grimace on Ben's face; he is not crying, but fighting the sun in his eyes ;-)

on the sidelines waiting for the race to begin

The weather today was ideal for a run.  It was sunny and in the low 70s with a cool breeze.  The perfect weather, and the fact that this was a free customer appreciation event, brought people out in droves. Between the walkers and the runners, there were over 300 participants-- my largest race, to date.

the starting line

The course was not what I'm used to since a large portion of it was run through a winding, wooded path.  By mile 2, I was feeling rough.  I kept thinking, "Why did I sign up for this?!"   but I kept pushing, completing the full 3.1 miles at around 29:30 (official results have not been posted yet).

That finishing time was a personal record for me!

racing the final .1 miles

How was your Saturday? 

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