Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Party Posing

Alaine turned 3 on Sunday.   Somehow I expect fall to begin automatically on September 1, but like the day she was born, this year it was hot and muggy, climbing into the 90s.   (Her full birth story can be read here.)

We had a small family party with subs, cupcakes, and no agenda beyond celebrating the little life that brings such joy to all of us. 

Today's post is dedicated to a little party posing.  ~smile~

The birthday girl herself:

Alaine with her dear Aunt Bekah:

A rare moment of holding my girl:
(More often she says, "I'm big.  Let me walk.")

Alaine posing with one of her most favorite people in the world, Grandma:
(Between opening gifts, she'd run across the room saying, "Let me show Grandma." )

Hanging out with Gran and Papa:

A family photo:
(This was taken after snapping about ten shots and then realizing Ben was kicked back in a chair across the room watching us!)

Happy Times!


  1. It is such a blessing to celebrate these special events with family!

    Happy birthday to your sweet three year old!


  2. Alaine's so cute! Eliya saw Alaine's picture and wanted to know when we're going to your house again :) She'll be excited to see her at gym in a couple of weeks.

    It's so funny that you were missing a member when taking your family photo :) I can see that happening with our family sometime.

  3. Great pictures and it looked like a fun party :)

  4. Alaine is such a sweet, pleasant little girl! I love the picture of you holding her. And I get tickled every time I think of Ben watching everyone in his family getting photographed. :D


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