Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days, 31 Printables {Day 27}: Lego Writing Prompts


During the month of October, Sundays will be devoted to pointing you to a printable that our family has used and enjoyed  from another blog or website.

Gavin, my 6th grader, is a struggling speller.  He believes that if he can read what he has written, it's good enough.  I've tried multiple approaches to spelling, but have found that he is most motivated by writing.  In other words, lists of words are meaningless to him, but spelling in the context of a sentence is a little more motivating.  This year we've been using a fabulous set of printables from Homegrown Learners called LEGO Minifigure Writing Prompts

  Have a child who could benefit from some
           spelling or creative writing practice?

                          Click the graphic to download.

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