Wednesday, November 27, 2013

10 Things I Learned in November

Linking up with Emily Freeman to share the things I learned in November, both serious and superficial!

10 Things I Learned in November 

1) How to utilize more of the features on my GPS running watch.  When I bought my watch in August, its primary purpose was to accurately calculate my distance.  Now I'm loving the pacing feature.  I can program it to pace me at a particular speed, and if I run too fast or too slow, it beeps.  I credit my watch with helping me run my 4th 5K at a 8:55 pace! 

2) Because of my competitive nature, my watch motivates me to run faster and longer even when I'm alone. 

3) Pencil marks wipe away easily with Mr. Clean Eraser.  Ask me how I know.  Okay, I'll tell you. While I was in the bathroom, Alaine decided to channel her inner artist and draw two tiny people on her bedroom wall below the light switch.  Then she drew a nice loooong line to connect them.  I wiped some of her artistry off with warm water, but the Mr. Clean Eraser was key. 

4) I love the Goodwill.  I like it more when I go with a friend...and when we go on half-off-everything-in-the entire-store night!  We had to get there an hour before the sale started, and even then there were no carts left.  I found Alaine this adorable sweater dress for $1 and a pair of sparkly Stride Rite shoes (that I forgot to photograph), plus I snatched up a hardback copy of the best book I've read so far this year!

5) Goodwill fitting room mirrors are the worst!

6) Bamboo burns well.  Totally random, but totally true.  We spent several weekends burning brush this fall and every time we planned to burn, it would rain the night before, soaking our kindling.  Just as we'd start to give up, someone would throw a few pieces of bamboo onto the fire and the fire would blaze and keep blazing!

7) Vinegar does wonders for sweat odor on running clothes.  Mix a few splashes of vinegar into a sink full of cool water and let clothing soak for an hour. For an especially potent stink, pour vinegar directly on offensive area.

8) I'm probably the last to arrive at this party, but I found out there is really such a thing as No-Shave November I'd never heard of it and when my husband mentioned that he and a few guys from work were participating, I thought he was kidding.  The event is intended to bring awareness to men's health issues, but I think it was more of a personal challenge for Brian and his friends. I've been asking him to grow a beard again since he shaved it over two years ago, but it took a challenge to make him re-take the plunge.  I'm hoping he keeps the beard.

1 week in
3  1/2 weeks in

9) Women participate in No-Shave November.   I'm sorry, but I can't go a month without shaving my legs. 

10) This year's Call the Midwife Christmas special airs on Sunday, December 29.  Cannot wait!


  1. Good to know about the vinegar and sweat stink. I threw away a couple of shirts because they were "did a skunk die in the armpits of these?" stinky. Whew!

  2. Me, too, Joanne! I threw away a few shirts and I was not happy about it because one of them was a shirt from my first 5K! I started doing some research this summer, figuring there had to be a solution. Vinegar has been my greatest ally, but I also found a Febreeze sports spray that takes out any lingering effect in clothes that have been building up that sweaty stink for awhile (like before I started vinegar). I also bought a strong antiperspirant to wear only when I run. It has enough chemicals in it to send me over the edge so I have a milder antiperspirant for regular wear. :-)

  3. Oh I miss my favorite thrift stores from our old home. They were amazing, and we loved the half off day too!


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