Friday, November 15, 2013

November Twitterature

twitterature monthly reading linkup short reviews

I have more on my hold list at the library than I'll ever be able to read during the next few weeks.  I can't help it, though.  I'm addicted to reading. 

Speaking of reading, next week I'm having a pop-up book giveaway on my Facebook page.   Be sure to like my page so you don't miss out. 

Today I'm linking up with Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share "short, casual reviews" of the books I've read in the past 31 days.

{As always, post about books contain my affiliate links.}

Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl

The book was sort of dry in the beginning, but I still found it fascinating.  Fun read...if learning about royals is your thing. 

#biography  #lovethephotos   #sheisgorgeous

One Doctor: Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine
by Brendan Reilly, M.D.

Absolutely devoured!  First hand account from a hospital-based doctor written as he puzzles out difficult diagnoses.  #medicine  #uniqueperspective

In the Midst of Life
by Jennifer Worth

By the author of the Call the Midwifebooks, this one completes the circle of life and discusses terminal patients.  Heart-rending and thought-provoking.    #death   #dying  #notasdepressingasitsounds

The Winnowing Season
by Cindy Woodsmall

Only fiction I read this month. Better than the first in the series and piqued my interest for the third.  #amishfiction #lovetriangle

Dad Is Fatby Jim Gaffigan

I wanted to laugh out loud on every page.  I did read excerpts out loud to my husband.  Favorite line: "There is no difference between a 4-year-old eating a taco and throwing a taco on the floor."   #parenting  #icanrelate 

Love Is in the Mix: 108+ Family-Friendly Recipes, Tips, and Traditions
by Kate Gosselin

Picked this up at the library. Try to forget her TV show, but sample the kid-friendly pizza meatballs...or the Jamie broccoli.   #cookbook  #feedacrowd

Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary 3-Run-a-Week Training Program by Bill Pierce, Scott, Murr, and Ray Moss

Skimmed most of this one, but read enough to confirm that my current training plan will be effective.   #runless  #runfaster

With the kids...

Thanksgiving Mice! by Bethany Roberts & Over the River and Through the Woodby Lydia Maria Child, illustrated by Christopher Manson

Both have a place on our family bookshelf.  We do the majority reading from library books, but these are keepers. #thanksgiving  #seasonalfavorites 

Encyclopedia Brown and his Best Cases Everby Donald Sobol

Fifteen mysteries compiled from 50 years of Encyclopedia Brown books. Good old-fashioned reading, even if some of the solutions were a bit hokey. #dinnertimereading  #mystery  #kidlit

Problems in Plymouthby Marianne Hering and Marshal Younger

I was disappointed at the lack of plot depth, but the adventure captured the kids' attention. Hoping the Christmas book is better.     #history  #iloveshortchapters


  1. Thank you for your reviews! I see one or two to add to my want-to-read list...

  2. I really want to read Dad Is Fat; I'm going on a trip next month and I'm trying to time my request for the ebook so that I'll have it for the plane ride. Unless maybe it's too funny to read on a plane? Like, as in, I'd laugh so much as to make other passengers uncomfortable?

    I used to work at a campus library in this big, open space (beautiful architecture) that echoed like crazy...and started reading David Sedaris during a six to midnight shift. In the big echo-y room where people were trying to study. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't take Jim Gaffigan on an airplane...Thoughts?

  3. I forgot to say that I love that line about the taco! So true! :D

  4. Yay for Thanksgiving Mice! We've been reading it a lot too

  5. .
    (Haha, couldn't leave my other comment unfinished!)

  6. @MK Jorgenson, I am a quiet reader, though that book made me audibly snicker on almost every page. If you think you'd be too noise, maybe leave the book at home. Otherwise, I think it's great plane reading because it is light and broken into a bunch of short sections.

  7. I love the quick reviews.

    The kids all loved the Imagination Station books, but they definitely are not great literary works :)

    Jonathan LOVES Encyclopedia Brown. I leave those for Tim to read. By the time he gets to read at night, he needs the chapters to be short or he'll fall asleep!

  8. I see several books to add to my to read list :) thanks for the suggestions!

  9. I love that you included the kids' books! I read aloud to my 5 year old every night and we need some new series'. I will try Imagination Station!

    And I LOVE Jim Gaffigan!

    Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek


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