Friday, November 8, 2013

The Facebook Community

You may have noticed during my 31 Days series in October that I mentioned my new Facebook community

I created the Bits and Pieces From My Life Facebook page as an extension of my blog. Links to all of my blog articles are automatically posted on my Facebook page, saving you the hassle of checking for new content and guaranteeing you don't miss a post!  

In addition, I add content to my Facebook page that doesn't fit into my regular blogging content, things like: 
  • Amazon deal or coupon codes or  for products that have benefited our family 
  • links to articles that have spoken to me
  • pictures of my kids
  • other fun photos (like a  photo I posted in October of the day's library haul)
I'm contemplating the idea of a social media party.  I would set the day and time and we would all gather at my Facebook page for a short time of chatting and giveaways.  (Have you ever attended a social media party?  Would you be interested in attending?)

I'd love to have you join my community.  (What would like to see on my Facebook page?)

I'd love for you to tell your friends, too! 

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