Monday, February 3, 2014

Mid-Winter Bargains Under $5

We've reached the point in the winter where I'm getting a little stir crazy.  For the first time in years, I had an evening of boredom!  We had been stuck in the house after a snowstorm.  Our pantry was stocked and the wind chill was brutal so we had no reason to go out.  I checked off my to-do list during the daylight hours and was left with an empty evening.  Nothing...not reading, not blog hopping, not TV...sounded enjoyable.  Thankfully, that spell passed quickly and I have returned to a healthy level of busyness. 

I love a bargain and even though I'm weary of winter, I'm loving some of these winter deals on Amazon! It might even be time to get an early jump on next year's stocking stuffers.  Yes, I am one of those people.  (Don't tell, but I've already stashed a Christmas gift for next year that I bought at an after-Christmas sale!)

{This post does contain my Amazon affiliate links. Be sure to double check the prices before you buy as prices are not guaranteed.}

I gave Brian one of these for his birthday.  It's got the features of pocket knife, but it is flat enough to fit in your wallet.

$1.99 with free shipping

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Scalp Head Massager--
We've given a few scalp massagers as gifts, too.  They are oddly soothing.  If you've even had a head massage with one of these, you know what I mean. 

$1.59 with free shipping

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My lips get chapped if I'm outside in the cold for long, but chap-stick can be a little annoying.  Too thick and constricting. This is a great deal for gloss!


$1.95 with free shipping

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I love the ideas of hats, but I never like how I look in hats.   However, when I run in cold weather, I end up snagging a cute hat that my sister hand-knit for Maddie.  Maybe I should grab one of these for myself instead.  (Black, Pink, Light Gray and, Deep Grey are the same price.)


$2.79 with free shipping

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Leopard Print Scarf or Polka Dot Scarf--
I've been trying to wear more scarfs this winter, both for warmth and variety.  I love both of these and the price is right!

$4.59- $4.89 plus free shipping

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Retro-Look Globe Necklace--
Unique jewelry at an affordable price is fun in any season.  I've bought a variety of cheap necklaces via Amazon and always found them worth the (very small) splurge!

$3.99 plus free shipping


  1. I am always amazed at how you find such bargains! Good stuff...great prices. You must take after your dad (who loves his head massager!). :D

  2. I LOVE a bargain! :) (Oh and I can make you a knit hat if you're interested.)


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