Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Easiest Goal I'll Check Off This Year

When I listed my goals for 2014, I included a simple desire: eat at Chipotle.  I had never eaten there yet I'd heard people rave about it. I hinted around to Brian for at least a year, but he didn't take the bait and we ended up eating other places when we had the chance to go out.

Instead, I took an alternative route and gathered some friends for a ladies-only lunch outing.  The conversations was lively and I must say my burrito was divine!

L to R: Mom, Joanne, Bekah, Allyson, me, Kati


  1. Such great fun with an absolutely wonderful group of ladies. I'm looking forward to the next occasion! Now if only all goals were that easy and that fun...

  2. I am happy to help you meet such goals! :)

  3. I had a great time! I wish all goals were that easy to accomplish :)

  4. That goal was so much fun to accomplish! :D

  5. Fun! Ladies-only, but looks like you were photo-bombed by a dude in the back. :) We love Chipotle. Their guacamole is the best! Yum, yum!


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