Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year, New Goals

In 2013, my life centered around routine.  There were no major changes in our family and our school year was one of our best!  My goals were a type of branching out-- trying new things, learning new things, and reaching out to each other and the people around us. 

My goals of 2014 are more of the same.   I tell my children that learning is a lifestyle and once you start, you don't want to stop.  I also tell them that even if you don't expect to like something (whether it be a food or an activity or a book or a place), it never hurts to try it once.  If nothing else, you'll appreciate the experience. 

My personal goals for 2014 reflect those philosophies. 

Last year I divided my goals into short term goals and long term goals.  This year I'm making one big messy fun master list.  I'll update quarterly and include notes and plenty of photos.  As I complete goals I'll cross them off and I'll add new goals to the bottom. 

Experiment in the kitchen.  Try making my own granola bars, yogurt, vanilla, sourdough bread, and marshmallow cream.  

Eat at Chipotle.  (Am I the only one who hasn't been?!) 

Run a 2-mile race with Brian. 

Train and run a 1/2 marathon.  Build my upper body and core strength.  Hold a plank for 4 minutes.

Learn to change the oil in the van and learn to change the wiper blades, too.

Take each child out individually for a meal at a restaurant they would enjoy. 

Read 50 books-- not including books I read aloud to my kids or books we read for school.

Develop a new chores system for the kids, including responsibilities for the two youngest.  

Take (or have someone else take) new non-candid photos of my kids. 


  1. I can help you out with Chipotle! And I may be seeing you for that 2 mile race, too. Good goals, all!

  2. Great goals. I love how you're learning and stretching yourself even when life isn't demanding it of you.

    I think we all need to meet for Chipotle. Maybe a rare girls' night out? :)

  3. I can help you with Chipotle. :)

    And also with the photos if you'd like.

  4. I need help with routines! I'm terrible at them, and that was my goal for this year. I've already failed. :(

    And I'd skip Chipotle. Their advertising demonizes the very farmers that provide their meat.


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