Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 Things I Learned in December and January

Linking up with Emily Freeman to share the things I learned in December and January, both serious and superficial!

6 Things I Learned in December & January

1) Brown is the most common eye color in the world.  Blue comes next, and green is the least common eye color.  Green eyes are scientifically different than hazel eyes, though I don't know the accurate way to visually distinguish between the two.  In our family, 3 of us have green/hazel eyes, 3 have blue, and only one of us has brown eyes.

2) Speaking of eyes, I went for my yearly eye exam and learned that my eyesight has grown worse.  It is now 20/400.  Yes, four hundred!  When reading the eye chart, I can't even see the big E at the top. The good news, though, is that to be considered legally blind, your eyes are only able to be corrected to 20/200.  With my glasses, I see a perfect 20/20. 

3) On Survivor, the idea is to get out there and  "rough it," but there is a medical box available to all contestant off-camera that contains:
  1. a daily vitamin 
  2. a combination bug spray and SPF
  3. ahem, feminine products

4) I thought I could think quickly under pressure until I took the Jeopardy Online Contestant Test and had to answer 50 questions with only 15 seconds to answer each one. 

5) I learned to make balloon dogs and wowed my kids!

6) In my reading and experimenting with bread this month, I've picked up a bit of new vocabulary.  The hard outer layer of the bread is called the crust.  The inner, softer part is called the crumb.  The air holes in the bread are called rooms.  In artisan baking, the bigger the rooms, the more desirable the bread. 


  1. I knew brown eye were the most common, but we have no brown eyes in our family. Jonathan's are the closest and are a very brown hazel. Mine are a very green hazel, and Tim and all the girls have some variation of blue. It's amazing how different eye colors can be. The blue eyes in our family are all different.

    Our kids love balloon animals too. You can make the dog into a giraffe by making the neck section longer :)

  2. You sure did learn some interesting things this month! I knew "crust", I learned "crumb" from an episode of Cranford, but I've never heard of a bread "room". I prefer a crusty bread with a dense crumb and few rooms!

    Survivor... I've always wondered for what basic needs they provided. Was there any mention of toilet paper in the information you had?

  3. No, apparently there is no toilet paper. It did say that the tribes will usually designate a bathroom area to keep things more sanitary, but that not everyone follows those guidelines. :-P


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