Friday, January 10, 2014

2 Felted Sweaters

Last spring, I met a friend for dinner.  It was a chilly evening and as we sipped our soup, she mentioned that she was wearing a pair of socks she made from a felted thrift store sweater.   She said she had a few more felted sweaters in a bag in her van if I wanted them.  I drove home dreaming of cozy socks and yet when I attempted to make a pair of socks with this tutorial, my clumsy brain got confused with the pattern and my clumsy fingers cut it out the wrong way. 

I turned my mess into two pairs of leg warmers for my girls instead. 

I love leg warmers, but I've never figured out their practicality.  When it's warm enough for skirts, it's too warm for leg warmers and when they need to bundle up and get cozy, the leg warmers are covered by jeans that hide the intricacies of the knit pattern.  Why not wear boring old socks instead?  Someone help me here.  How do you wear leg warmers?

With the leftover sweater pieces, I cut out a bunch of wool hearts with plans to make a bunch of  heart applique shirts with this tutorial as Christmas gifts.  I made three sets of t-shirts for three sets of sisters.  One pair of girls was my own. 

I {heart} those faces!

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  1. My girls prefer to wear dresses and skirts year-round, so they do wear legwarmers. During the winter they wear tights with legwarmers over them. In the fall and spring they just wear leg warmers. Also, I've used legwarmers for all of my kids when they were babies and potty training in the colder months. The main reason was warmth with easier access to diapers and undies.

    I love the pairs you made for your girls!

  2. My only experience with leg warmers is how they were worn in the 80's. They were purely a fashion statement as a result of the popularity of dance attire. I never had a pair as I was too much of a tomboy for such things! haha So, I'm of no help to you there. But I will say that I LOVE THE HEART SHIRTS! This would be a perfect link-up for "Make It New Monday". Just a thought :-D

  3. So cute! My best friend has her infant wearing legwarmers daily because she has to wear a harness for hip dysplasia and the leg warmers are easier!

  4. Oh, Kristin, those sweaters are SOOO cute! I never got the point of leg warmers either. But...I'm from Florida, so you know...not much in the way of cold weather anyway. I only wear them for my ballet class. :)


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