Wednesday, January 22, 2014

winter in photos

Who am I kidding?  Of course, there will a few words, too! 

This is my preferred method of building a snowman.  When the weather gets nippy, I love to create in the kitchen.  We got some snow last night, but with today's highs only predicted to reach the teens, inside snowmen are the way to go!

We had our first true snow of the year a few weeks ago.

The kids made snow angels and had a snowball fight while I stayed inside to make snow cream and tidy the house before starting loads of sopping wet laundry. 

We've been blessed with good health so far this winter.  Maddie did succumb to a mild virus, but it was nothing that rest and a few snuggles couldn't cure. 

We've spent the inside hours playing games.  Old Maid, Monopoly Deal, Phase 10, Guess Who, Blink.  Lots of games!

And coloring, too.

Gavin and Owen spent an afternoon creating marble mazes out of Lego.

Owen's basic maze

Gavin's over-the-top tilt maze

And it certainly wouldn't be winter (or any season of the year) without stacks of books. I see 3 books about food, 2 memoirs, 2 children's lit, and a couple of fat novels.  Sounds about right. 

For all my talk of loving the indoors and wanting to stay in where it is warm, I've been spending my fair share of time out in the elements.  I've decided to train for a 1/2 marathon at the end of April so I'm running between 2.5 and 9 miles, 3-4 days a week!  My coldest running day was 23 degrees, but the most extreme day was running 8.5 miles in the rain.

In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, 
in winter enjoy.
~William Blake~

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  1. I used to love the snow when my children were little. I was the first one out the door to play in it. Not so much now!
    I'm really impressed by your dedication to training for your 1/2. I foresee no goals for myself beyond walking a 10K under 2 hours without dying ;-)


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