Monday, August 18, 2014

On Facebook

Did you know that my blog has a Facebook page where I share photos, ask questions, and expand what I write about on the blog. It's a place that is less one-sided and more conversational. I love that!

What could you be missing?

I have my doubts about one of them.

After this post on the blog, we talked sandwich ideas on Facebook.
Then I posted a photo of this which my kids have requested again.
Here is another alternative.

I shared this photo when I came home from the library and asked which one I should start first. 
(I went with the one on top!)

It's not all about books. I came late to the party on a favorite TV show and now I'm binge-watching because I'm hooked. 
I'm up to Season 4 now.

I would love to see my community grow so we can have more conversations like the ones we've had this summer:

Today is my 34th birthday and tonight I plan to post a photo of what one of my kids is doing as a special treat for me!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and get pampered a little bit at home.

    I remember when Amelia was due we talked about the possibility of her being born on your birthday. Isabelle was much closer, only one day too early :)

    1. Yes, I thought Amelia had more potential since your due date was closer to my birthday (I think). I didn't think Isabelle even had a change to born on my birthday. :-) I think yesterday was Penny's birthday, though!

    2. Yes, Amelia's due date was around the 22nd, but Isabelle's wasn't until the 28th. Although now, I think the other due date we were given (the 20th) was probably more accurate since her size and some other factors suggest she was closer to the full 40 weeks.

      I'll need to check with Penny to see if they share a birthday :)


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