Friday, August 22, 2014

We Draw Animals Tutorial

We finished our third week of school today.  Dare I say we are starting to find our groove? 

I've mentioned to several people this year that if I could somehow find a way to incorporate art into every subject, maybe Gavin would learn to love school... or at least stop complaining about it.  He gets bogged down by math (even though he excels at it) and he couldn't care less about spelling, but the boy loves to draw! 

One of the things we are doing for science this year is  reading our way through The Burgess Bird Book for Children {Amazon affiliate link}.  We read a chapter, or sometimes two, a week, then look at photos of the featured bird in a variety of nature guides.  On a separate day, the kids sketch that week's bird in their nature notebooks. 

When Kathy from We Draw Animals contacted me about creating a how-to-draw tutorial for my blog, I was excited.  My kids love the how-to-draw books they find at the library, but this tutorial would be especially tailored to what they are learning and doing in school every week. 

Kathy designed a hawk tutorial for me (scroll down to see the 6 easy steps), but the website has hundreds of animal to choose from including a section devoted to how to draw birds.  I love that each tutorial on the website is prefaced by a short science lesson with bulleted facts about the animal. And the best part?  Everything on the website is free! A free eBook is also available for download and I've included the link below.


  1. Gavin did a great job on that hawk! We'll definitely look more into that website. Emahry especially loves step-by-step drawing tutorials.

  2. What fun!! Love the tutorial and I will be sure to show it to Bekah also tends to bring art (or fashion or decor) into most school subjects. :)

  3. Your work is just excellent i really love your work and thanks for shearing this resources.


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