Thursday, October 16, 2014

S'more Ideas for Autumn

I don't consider myself an outdoorsy girl, but I do love an autumn bonfire. You can sit a bag of marshmallows in front of me and I would never be tempted, but if you roast one over a fire, I can't resist. 

{As an aside, how do you like your marshmallows-- a light toasty brown, black and crispy, or somewhere in between?  I love a charred marshmallow.  If yours accidentally catches on fire, hand it to me!}

our first backyard bonfire of the season

We are bringing the campfire theme inside this year, too.  Earlier this month, Alaine and Ben used washable paint to make hand-print campfire pictures.  Or as Alaine called them... "fire camps."

As long as the sun is out, summer s'mores are great in the fall, too.  We tried making them with other varieties of chocolate as suggested, but the kids voted hands down that the standard milk chocolate was best.

If you have a few marshmallows leftover from your s'mores, your kids will love this science experiment.  Believe me!

We had friends over yesterday afternoon and served  Gimme S'more Muffins.  They were a hit!  We found the recipe in one of Owen's cookbooks under the breakfast section so we also sent one with Brian for his morning commute to work.

We have a family movie night tentatively planned for Saturday night and I plan to mix up a batch of this s'more snack mix for a treat. It's probably sugar overload, but it will be a fun alternative to popcorn.


  1. ~I love bonfires when the weather turns chilly.
    ~I prefer golden brown marshmallows (I've been know to scrape burnt ones into the fire.)
    ~Those muffins sound delicious!

  2. Love your fire pit!

    1. Thanks! It's just something we threw together with cement blocks that we found in our woods, plus a few that were given to us. It serves us well, though. :-D


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