Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Favorite Podcasts

I want to start by saying I am not an audio learner.  I zone out on audio books and if you try to explain the direction to a game out loud to me, I'll politely nod and then read the instructions for myself.  

I've discovered this school year that one of my children is also a strong visual learner. We read a large part of our history and science curriculum together, including every child and grade level in a group learning environment.  It's becoming obvious that this method is not working with my visual learner.  He appears to listen, but when asked a question or asked to retell what he's heard, he remembers nothing. Sometimes he can't even tell me the name of the person we spent the past 20 minutes studying.  We are working on developing a new plan of action for him that I'll share on the blog soon.

Having said all that, I am surprised at how much I enjoy listening to podcasts. A couple of times per week I go out for a long, steady run and podcasts keep my mind occupied while I go the distance.  (For shorter speed runs, music is best because it doesn't require as much concentration.)  I also occasionally enjoy podcasts while I'm folding the laundry, when I'm in the car alone, during quiet time, or before I go to sleep at night.  (I generally don't wear earbuds when my kids are in the room.)

Here a few podcasts I enjoy and you may, too:

The Inspired to Action Podcast
If you're not sure which to choose, start with this one: My Story: How God Takes Brokenness and Makes it Beautiful.

The Simple Mom Podcast
It's the next best thing to having someone to talk to while I run.  A great conversational podcast? All the Sheets with Myquillyn Smith (The Nester)

Another Mother Runner Podcast
This is a secular podcast that covers a variety of running topics for women (specifically mothers) at all fitness levels, but it's not boring.  I promise!  My fave episode lately is this one: How to Run a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon.

Read Aloud Revival Podcast
If you've read my blog for very long, you know this episode is right up my alley: A Lifestyle of Reading Aloud.

Do you listen to podcasts?  Any to recommend?


  1. I seem to listen to podcasts in spurts. I also really like the Inspired to Action podcast. Another one I've enjoyed is The Busy Mom Podcast

  2. I listened to This American Life podcasts ( for a while. Since I got my new ipod I haven't put any on, though. I also enjoyed Radiolab (

  3. I'm not even sure what a podcast is :-/ :-D

    1. Joanne, podcasts are like audio blog posts or maybe more like a radio show. The host usually records and posts a podcast in a regular time frame (once a week, once a month, etc.). There are scads of podcasts available on iTunes and most of them are free.

  4. Like it!
    P.S. Please, read this ^^


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