Saturday, November 1, 2014

{Weekend Links}: Food Edition

Have you noticed how of all the things I talk about here on my blog and on my blog Facebook page, the two topics I visit the most often are books and food ?!  Today's collection of links is all about food.

I shared on Facebook a list of pumpkin foods we've sampled this fall and a reader asked for specifics.  Here are links to the recipes:
We also ate pumpkin pancakes (canned pumpkin added to our standard pancake recipe) and  pumpkin spice waffles (prepared by my mom and dad for Sunday afternoon lunch).

My other theme in my kitchen this month was soup.  Brian, especially, asked me to add soup to our menu as soon as the weather turned cool(er):

Among our old favorites, I have cooked two new recipes:
  • Thai coconut soup with chicken and rice

    Some of us liked this soup more than others did, but there were several of us who ate seconds (and maybe thirds!).  I purposely made more rice than necessary so I could make rice pudding with the "leftovers."  We ate the soup with warm flat bread, a recipe has become a family favorite this fall.  It flies off the table when I make it.

  • copycat creamy Panera tomato soup

    Okay.  So I made this knowing I was the only one who would eat it, but I liked it and I'm sending a bowl along to my dad who loves tomato soup.

One last link, not food related, but what else?  It's book related! My new eBook is releasing next week.   Grab your free download of Books for Christmas: What to Buy the Young People in Your Life starting Monday morning!

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  1. We've been eating a lot of soup as well. The kids and I love this coconut, carrot, sweet potato soup. We also had a Chicken Pot Pie Soup this past week. Then last night the kids and I enjoyed the two soups together = Chicken Pot Pie Coconut Carrot Sweet Potato Soup :)


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