Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weaver's Daughter

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I read steadily through the books on the Sisters Book Challenge in the early part of the year. And then at the end of summer I stalled.  It wasn't that I didn't want to read the last two books, but I had so many, many more books on my list for the year and I had to make choices.

With November coming to a close and a December often being devoted to pursuits other than reading, I evaluated my reading list and narrowed down the few books that I wanted to finish before year's end.

Weaver's Daughterby Kimberly Brubaker Bradley was an ideal choice for a busy holiday week. I brought it along on our road trip, but between chatting with Brian in van, viewing the sights out the window, and visiting with family for the few short hours we were there, the book never left my purse. 

Instead I started it on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, the same week with a full to-do list that included cooking holiday food (not mention our regular meals plus cooking and freezing the sweet potatoes I purchased on sale), two days of school, errands, moving in a new-to-us piano, and caring for a sick child.

I was able to do it because Weaver's Daughter featured my favorite element that enables me to keep reading on busy weeks: short chapters.  The book was less than 200 pages which would make for a quick read anyway, but the short chapters made it easy to pick up for short snippets at a time. 

I love medical memoirs and medical drama, but while this book focuses on the health concerns of a young girl growing up in the Southwest Territory, the story is gentle and appropriate for its juvenile audience. Lizzie is ten years old and suffers a debilitating respiratory illness each fall.  It gets worse every year until she and her family fear she will not live through another episode. 

Nine books to go!

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  1. I LOVE short chapters! (And a new piano sounds awesome.)


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