Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gathering the {November} Moments

The beginning of November was calm-- so peaceful and uneventful that I wondered if we were forgetting something.  Aside from the kids' weekly gym class and regular runs to the library and grocery store, our days never ventured beyond school, laundry, and keeping the bathroom clean.

We celebrated my sister's 21st birthday at a family dinner with soup and sliders.  Nothing boring about that but we had no responsibility beyond showing up.  I didn't even have to stress about a gift because we had purchased something we knew she'd love on sale back in the summer.

The extra hours at home afforded Owen some time in the kitchen.  He made his first batch of boiled cookies, a family recipe, ensuring that the recipe will be carried into the next generation.  He also made a batch of "acorn" cookies, an idea he found in  a cookbook he picked up at the library.

We set aside a chilly weekend to do a bit of trimming, yard clean up, and burning. 

Regardless of its primary purpose, you can't have a fire without marshmallows.  I love my marshmallows charred black.  Consequently, I ate more marshmallows than anyone else because in the kids' effort to get their marshmallows the  perfect light brown shade, they caught many on fire and passed them along to me.

In mid-November, a  virus hit a few of the kids with sniffly noses, sore throats and a cough, but it was nothing a little rest couldn't cure. 

It was a blessing to have a series of unhurried days before the fullness of the holidays arrived at the end of the month.

Then...the busy part of November started.  The weekend before Thanksgiving, we took a whirlwind road trip
(The mama-to-be gave birth three days later.)

That same weekend, we hosted Brian's family's annual Thanksgiving party.

Twenty of us gathered for dessert and lots of conversation. There was not a moment of quiet!

cranberry upside down cake

The thirteen (!) kids divided themselves into separate bedrooms. There was a peaceful room of all girls who talked and danced to the Frozen soundtrack.  And then there was a co-ed room that thumped and jumped and lived it up all evening long! 

an awesome pumpkin spice cake, but sadly I didn't make it so I have recipe to share

Brian was off from work the day before Thanksgiving so we took the day off from school, too.  There was a nasty nor'easter raging outside but we hunkered down inside to play a few games of Monopoly (Brian and the boys), watch The Sound of Music (Maddie and Alaine) and prepare Thanksgiving food (Owen and me).

homemade cranberry sauce

Brian and I surprised the kids with a Peanuts Thanksgiving lunch of popcorn, pretzel sticks, jelly beans, and buttered toast.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was complicated as another round of sickness made its way through our whole family.  We managed to celebrate on Thursday between  the fevers and coughs. We ate dinner with my side of the family on Thursday.

A few of us had the strength to decorate our tree on Friday.

But by Saturday, the weekend went down the tube. This holiday weekend will be one we will remember for years to come...and not in a good way.

I'm linking to my mom's monthly series, Gathering the Moments, where we reflect on the month that has passed.

Thinking About Home


  1. Quite a way to end the month. Looks like you all need a good rest. I enjoyed reading your November story after reading some of it on your mom's blog.

    1. We've been resting. Well, as much as parents of 5 can rest. The kids are resting anyway. :-)

  2. So sorry your month ended with a virus shared by everyone in your house...but it was still a month full of blessings.

    Love seeing all those sweet faces! (Of course I do!!) ♥

    1. Yes, many blessing, and I guess there were blessing in our weekend, too (togetherness, rest, witnessing servanthood, etc.), but it was sure hard to look for them when we felt so terribly!

  3. Oh that Peanuts lunch must have been so much fun. I hope that it was well received and that you weren't left feeling sad as Snoopy. The Christmas tree is a corker!

    1. Thankfully, no Snoopies here. They loved the lunch!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of you all being sick! Terrible!

    I am glad for your quiet November and your wonderful, crazy road trip, your hosting your in-laws, your super fun Peanuts Thanksgiving lunch and your Thanksgiving with your family!

    Praying for you all to be well!


    1. We talked about our illness tonight at the dinner table and someone made the comment that at least we were sick over Thanksgiving and not Christmas. That would have been even more difficult. (Gotta look on the bright side!)

  5. I love that your little one found a cookie recipe that he wanted to make from a library book, a future cook maybe? Loved the lunch idea! Sorry you all were sick over the weekend.

    1. He says he wants to open a bakery when he grows up! :-)


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