Monday, November 24, 2014

Last Minute Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is only three days away and I'm all for a simple celebration. 

Stress should not have a place in any holiday, especially one that is about giving thanks, accepting and appreciating what the Lord has given us.  Crafts, activities, beautiful decor, new recipes...they all have their place, but if they are causing more worry than joy, forget about them.

I enjoy sharing simple crafts with my children.  Hands-on activities help them hold on to and process their memories.  I take photos as mementos for me so I can feel no guilt (or at least less guilt) when the projects  end up in the trash after the season is over.

Both of these crafts can be done quickly or savored slowly if that's your desire.  They are low mess and easy enough for little ones to do independently without a lot of help. 

Alaine (4) and Ben (6) made candy corn turkeys this morning. I helped them trace the outline of their hands onto construction paper, but  they did the rest.  They added feet, eyes, and a wattle with crayon and glued candy corn onto the fingers for feathers.  It was over and done before either of them had a chance to get bored!

Make sure to use fast-drying craft glue or allow your glue adequate time to dry before picking up the paper.
Our other favorite Thanksgiving craft can involve the whole family. I blogged about making a keepsake family turkey here and here

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  1. That's cute! My granddaughter would like it.



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