Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things I Love Right Now

1) Well-written Christian fiction
I find that often Christian fiction is too fluffy or too contrived and preachy for my taste.  On the other hand, with secular fiction, I have to be careful in what I select to avoid strong language or sexual situations. I love when I find high quality Christian literature.  These are two books that I have enjoyed this week (one I finished and one I'm still reading through): 

2) My WoodWick candle 
I love to hear it crackle as it sits on the counter in my kitchen and I love the autumnal pumpkin nutmeg scent.

3) Warm meals and new recipes
I cook year-round, but I've enjoyed using my oven again without overheating the rest of the house. Some of our recent favorites: buffalo mac and cheese, sausage stuffed shells, chicken piccata, and pumpkin butter muffins.

4) The Betsy series by Carolyn Haywood
I'm reading the books aloud to my girls, but since we've developed the habit of reading a chapter or two while the kids have an evening snack, the boys have been listening in, too. Written in the 1930s and 40s, the stories are quaint and simple.  We finished this one yesterday: 

5) "In-between" weather
It's November and it has been in the upper 60s so far this week.  I don't mind.  The kids have had more opportunities to play outside this fall than all through the hot, humid summer.  Our dog isn't complaining either.  He loves all the extra exercise, attention, and hugs from Alaine.

6) Dark evenings
I don't embrace change well, but I love when we return to standard time in the fall.  There is something cozy and unhurried about eating dinner when it is dark outside and then settling in for the evening.  With five kids in the house, it is rarely peaceful and quiet, but I can try to imagine it!

7)  Running with people
Aside from races, I've always run alone, but throughout the fall, I've had the chance to run with other people on the weekends.  One Saturday morning when the kids were sleeping over at their grandmother's house, Brian and I ran about six miles together.  The time flew by as we talked for the better part of an hour. I've also had the opportunity to meet up with a few people on Saturday mornings to run a three-mile route.  Again, the flow of conversation keeps my mind off of the effort.  On these runs, I don't care about the pace or the distance. I simply enjoy the companionship.

What do you love right now?  Let me know so I can love it, too!


  1. I love anything pumpkin. I tried a dairy free pumpkin "ice cream" a couple days ago. I also made pumpkin pancakes last week and we're making pumpkin muffins soon.

    1. If it was dairy free, what was its main ingredient? I made pumpkin muffins last night. :-) It was actually a recipe for apple butter muffins, but I used pumpkin butter instead. They were wonderful!


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