Friday, December 19, 2014

a list on Friday

1) As of tomorrow (Saturday), there are 5 days left before Christmas.  Even if I forget, Benjamin (6) will remind me.  The first thing he says when he gets up every morning is an exuberant: 
"It's {fill-in-the-blank} days until Christmas!"

2) Yes, he is a morning person, as are all of my boys.  (They get it from me.)

3) My girls enjoy staying up late and sleeping a little later in the morning.  (They get it from Brian.)

4) Today is our dog Finn's 3rd birthday.  We are still waiting for him to settle down and lose some of his puppy-ness.

5) We completed our 20th week of school.  We've been going hard since August and now it's time for our 6-week break.  Of course, my kids don't realize that I always sneak learning into our breaks!

6) Earlier this week, we drove to the beach to see the Christmas lights.  I forgot to charge the camera batteries so it was Brian's smartphone to the rescue!  The picture quality is "meh," but at least we have something to document the night.

7) I love wrapping gifts.  This year, I've been listening to podcasts while I work which equals double the fun!

8) I haven't sent in my registration yet, but I'm about 90% committed to running a half-marathon again this spring.  I'm also planning a 10-miler in March.  That means I need to start serious training in mid-January.  There's a mix of excitement and dread surrounding that.  Brian asked me why I would do it at all if I find it so scary.  I find it hard to put into words, but I guess I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. 

9) We made our annual before-Christmas dinner last night. Owen and I did most of the cooking and we spread the work out through the day.  We wanted Christmas music while we stirred and mixed and basted so we picked out 5-6 CDs, put them in order, and as soon as one finished, we popped in the next.  Yes, Owen (8) and I share an affinity for organization.

10) We spent a few hours last Saturday doing nothing but looking at old December photos that are stored in folders on the computer. Photos like this one:

and this one:



  1. Love the photos! Emahry made a countdown chart for our fridge :) And we've been listening to LOTS of Christmas music on Pandora.

    1. The fun part about Pandora is that you hear things in your style but sometimes discover new favorites. :-)

  2. I love that you do a special "just us" dinner the week before Christmas! Enjoy your winter break and all the best to you for getting your training in. My goal is to just maintain through March :-)

    1. It's going to take major willpower to train through the winter. I went out this morning when it was only 22 degrees and I thought I would freeze. I could barely feel my legs. I keep telling myself if I could do it last year with all the ice, snow, and cold, I can do it again this year.


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