Friday, December 5, 2014

{Weekend Links}

And So It Begins
@Fabric Paper Thread
This was especially timely as our family spent the first week of December stuck on the couch, passing around the tissues and thermometer, with boxes of Christmas decorations piled in the corner of the living room.

Running After the Flu
And this was timely in an entirely different way.  I'm not training for a marathon, but I'm using the 12-Day Comeback Plan to ease my body back into physical activity. 

Second Cousins
I'm still confused, but this is interesting!

25 Things People With 5+ Siblings Know To Be True
I read the list aloud twice, once to Brian and another time to the kids.  I laughed out loud both times! We especially loved #1, #9, #13, and #19. 

Paint Chip Trees and Snowmen on a Stick

Easy crafts and memory-makers are my modus operandi around the holidays.  I also want to make cookie cutter pizzas.

Free National LEGO Event at Boscov's
My boys will be there!


  1. I'd read all these things this week except the Lego one! Kyle would love it! I must try to get him there!


    1. Brian is taking the boys in the morning and they've been counting down the days. It was looking a little uncertain as our sickness dragged on for a few days, but now it's back on!


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