Saturday, December 27, 2014

Glimpses of Truth

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My tenth and final book of the Sisters Book Challenge was Glimpses of Truthby Jack CavanaughTo complete the the challenge, I needed to read 5 of the 10 books on the master list, but it was my personal goal to complete all 10.

Glimpses of Truth is historical fiction set in the 1300s during the Middle Ages.  That time period always scares me because I imagine it to be so dark and dismal.  I dreaded  teaching this time period when we reached it in history last year, but it's never as intimidating once I delve in to the era.

This book is neither dark nor dismal, though it does picture real life in a time of rough survival, a time when it was a struggle to provide for daily needs and when religious freedom was tenuous. The plot focuses on Thomas, a young scholar who works with John Wycliffe, translating the Bible from Latin into English. After Wycliffe's death, Thomas is caught in a battle for freedom that puts his life in danger and endangers some of the people he loves.

I'll admit, the Sisters Book Challenge brought me out of my comfort zone this year. I was challenged to read books in genres I rarely consider and revisit books I struggled to read in the past.   It was fun to stretch my possibilities and read and enjoy literature I may have never attempted on my own.

I'll be back on Monday for a year-end book talk where I round up my favorites and talk about the disappointments, too.  Until then, here is last year's book post.

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