Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Jamberry (+ a giveaway!)

Let's cut to the chase. In theory I like cute fingernails, but in reality I don't have time.  More specifically I don't want to take the time for something that gets ruined in less than 24 hours.  Of course my clean bathroom and empty hamper get "ruined" in less than 24 hours, too, but those things seem more worthy of my time. On the occasions when I do paint my nails, all the aforementioned cleaning and laundry leaves my nails a chipped up mess. 

So when my blog and Facebook friend, Jenna, offered to let me give Jamberry Nails a try, I jumped at the chance.  Jamberry Nails are incredibly cute and fun adhesive nail wraps that stay put for up to two full weeks! Now that I can handle.

Jenna sent me a pattern called silver floral on magenta.  The instructions freaked me out a little, not because they were complicated but because I wanted to be sure to get it just right.  The first time was admittedly a little time consuming.  Remember, its hard for me to justify time devoted to my nails, BUT I figured the 45-60 minutes (which included breaks to answer questions, get snacks, talk to my husband...) would be worth it if the wraps lasted as long as promised.

The wraps drove me crazy for the first 12 hours.  I wasn't confident in my application and I had a few air bubbles that were preventing the wraps from laying flat.  The next morning I trimmed and tweaked until I got a tight seal and a look that was more pleasing to me.  But here's the thing: aside from me, no one else would have even noticed the imperfections.  Who is looking that closely at another person's nails?  If someone can see a bubble or tiny nick on your nails, they are too close!

Even Alaine (4) wanted in on the action!

Alaine's nails: pale pink with magenta accents

My magenta nails lasted for 2 full weeks, but they were showing signs of wear by the time I removed them. Again, it was wear that I noticed, not something the grocery store cashier or the teller at the bank would notice.

Jenna also sent along a sheet of accent wraps so I tried those next.  I loved the pattern and I loved the overall look, but the four nails that needed polish were too high maintenance. On days at home, I left them bare.  A funny side-note: my boys and my husband did not "get" the accent nails.  Owen (8) said, "Why would you do that?" but my girls said, "Oh, yeah, that's like Aunt Amy's nails.  She does that, too."

A couple tips and then I'll get to the fun part-- the giveaway.

  • The application instructions say to chose a wrap that is closest in size to your nail.  I would revise that to say to chose a wrap that is smaller than your nail.  Otherwise, it is hard to get a good seal and the wrap bunches up.
  • Apply the wrap just a teensy bit above your cuticle.  No one will see the little strip of exposed nail  and it helps maintain a tighter seal.
  • After you've worn your nails for awhile, the tips are the first thing to start looking a little rough.  Instead of giving up or peeling them off, try trimming the ends (just like if you were trimming your nails) and reseal.  It should buy you a few more days.


Jenna is being kind enough to give away a sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps of your choice!  

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below.

Do you paint your nails?  Do you have a favorite polish color? Any tricks for getting a manicure to last? Have you ever tried Jamberry Nail Wraps?  Do you have a favorite pattern or design? 
Tell me anything!

Giveaway ends Thursday, April 9 at 9 pm ET.  Giveaway closed.

The winner is Kati!


  1. I love polished nails but being a stay at home mom makes the maintenance too much! Jamberry might be the perfect, economical solution for this.

  2. I have never been brave enough to try these for myself but would love to. Life as momma to 8 with #9 on the way means my nails never get done either.

  3. I like polished toenails. Fingernails drive me crazy, too! My favorite color is bright pink for my toes.

  4. I would love to try Jamberry. I like the mint chevron wrapp. Hopefully I can try them.

  5. I like having my nails done but never do them like you. Gardening, dishes, and 5 kids with #6 on the way makes it impractical. :-)

  6. I have wanted to try Jamberry for awhile now. Once Upon a Time looks like a fun pattern!

  7. Like mother, like daughter? Long ago I quit polishing my nails simply to have them chipped and peeling in less than a day. I only polish them for special occasions now...although I can't even remember the last time. (Does that mean that we don't have special occasions, or that I gave up?) ;)

  8. Nail polish never stays on my nails long enough to justify painting them. I would love to try these to see how they work for me.

  9. I always have my toes painted. And occasionally my fingers. My fave polish is Sally Hansen insta dry. I like lots of colors.

  10. Alright you convinced me to comment! I would love something that doesn't need to be repainted every few days!


  11. Oh ... how fun! I love pretty nails but rarely take the time to keep them that way.

  12. I just ordered some baseball wraps for my Roman's t-ball season 😊

  13. A couple weeks ago a young cousin of mine convinced me to let her paint my nails a subtle purple color. I liked it so much that I went out and bought a couple bottles of polish... light teal and hot pink! haha! So is the next step Jamberry? Maybe! Count me in!


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