Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Photos: Then and Now

My blog celebrates 7 years in April. When I started blogging, our family was smaller and the kids looked like this:

Easter 2008
Owen (19 months), Maddie (3.5), and Gavin (5)

Some years I've blogged a family photo with all its joyful imperfections-- the frowns, the squints, the looking away, the baskets on the heads (um, yeah) ...

Benjamin (3.5), Owen (5.5), Alaine (19 months, Maddie (7.5), and Gavin (9)

Owen (6.5), Benjamin (4.5), Gavin (10), Maddie (8.5), and Alaine (2.5)

Owen (7.5), Alaine (3.5), Benjamin (5.5), Gavin, (11), and Maddie (9.5)

This year we have noticed great change in some of the kids-- not the average growth that occurs in a  typical year, but a more dramatic change in appearance and maturity.

Easter 2015
Maddie (11.5), Alaine (4.5), Owen (8.5), Benjamin (6.5), and Gavin (12) 

Have I mentioned I'll have a teenager before the year is complete?


  1. I love all the pictures! And a teenager before the year is over?! Wow...

  2. It's such fun to look back at pictures!! They really tell a story, don't they? So often you can see personalities come through in a photo. I certainly see that in some of these. :)

    Making memories...

  3. I love looking a family photos. Some years they don't seem to change much at all and then they hit certain years and Boom! They're so grown up! My Sarah will be 13 this year! Of course, she's not my oldest but it really is amazing when they hit a teen number!

    Thanks for sharing these photos. So fun to see how they've grown!



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