Monday, October 12, 2015

Another Fishy Tale

Once upon a time, I told the story of Maddie's pet fish and how we did not achieve a happily ever after.  At the time, were living in a small townhome so she stuck to mothering plants for awhile.  In the spring of 2011, we we bought our house and Maddie again asked for a pet.  Within the year we welcomed a dog and in another year, a cat.

Early this year, Maddie wanted to be a plant mother again so she started a catnip plant from tiny, tiny seeds.  It sprouted and grew and began to thrive.  She had to transplant it to larger pots three times!  It even won first place at the county fair this summer.  

In July, a friend asked if she could gift Maddie a fish for her birthday.  I hesitated initially because our original fish project had ended so sadly, but we decided it was time for Maddie to try her hand at fish mothering again.

Maddie was surprised and delighted.  She deliberated on a name for her new betta and settled on Pipp (to compliment our dog named Finn, and our cats, Dott and Tigger).  The afternoon after Pipp came to live with us, Maddie spent hours in a bean bag chair in front of the tank, reading pamphlets and information on how to care for her new pet.  

Pipp is a well-loved, well-cared for fish.  And we are hopeful for a happy ending this time.

The End.


  1. That's a sweet tale! I love the posters you have in your nature corner. Do you remember where you got them from?


  2. I ordered them from Amazon and then mounted them on foam poster board. The links are below, but the price has increased significantly since I purchased them about a year ago.


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