Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pregnancy Update {27 Weeks}

This is the last week of my second trimester! I feel like I'm moving into the home stretch, even though I still have 13-ish weeks to go.  I'm expecting the time to go quickly with the upcoming holidays approaching.  I'll mark 7 months pregnant on Thanksgiving Day and 8 months pregnant around Christmas so the busy-ness will keep me from ticking down each day.  I have no desire to push this pregnancy along anyway.  It's been my aim from the beginning to enjoy each day, difficult in the early days of morning sickness, but much easier now.

I have my glucose screening today.  Because of family history, I've worried in the past about "failing" this test, but I'm confident that my current eating and exercise habits will help me pass with flying colors.  I'd prefer to avoid drinking that sugary concoction but excited to have an hour alone in the waiting room to read my book!

How far along? 
about 27 weeks


Girl.  And if there was any doubt, there isn't any now.  In September, I had blood work done as part of some genetic testing. Along with eliminating some serious concerns, it also confirmed 100% that this baby is a female.  

The next step was deciding on a name.  We had a short list of 5 names, but when we realized Brian's favorite name was my least favorite and vice versa, we scrapped the list and started over.  For fun, I asked for name suggestions on my Facebook page and we enjoyed sifting through your many ideas. And then suddenly one day, we settled on a name out of the blue and we haven't looked back.  We're keeping the name a secret until she is born, though.  We did choose to share it with the kids, and they have been amazing secret-keepers!

Maternity clothes? 
I wrote a whole post about this last week. 


I'm sleeping well, but have noticed that I dream more often, and more vividly, than I do when I'm not pregnant. I need at least 8 hours every night to function during the day.  Our schedule is so busy this school semester that I don't get as many naps as I would like so that nighttime sleep is vital! 


I'm currently feeling better than I have during any of my previous pregnancies.  I had expected this pregnancy to be harder because I'm older (you know, the whole 35 thing), but I feel wonderful!

This baby is a mover, especially in the evening. She also has hiccups at least once every single day. 

Food cravings:

I wrote all about what I'm eating here.  I'm also craving oatmeal in any form.  I'm planning to put this in the crockpot tonight to be ready for breakfast in the morning.

What I miss:    
I miss bending over from the waist.  It's a bad habit, though, and my growing belly is training me to bend my knees and squat instead.  

I missed the 5K I had planned to run in September, due to predicted bad weather.  Instead, Brian and I were able to attend a 5K two weeks ago when I was 25 weeks pregnant. My only goal was to run my best to the finish because I don't have it in me to push hard anymore.  I didn't look at my watch, but ran totally based on feel.  I was pleased to see I ran the 3.17 mile course in 33:32, a 10:35 pace. 

I still run about 6 days a week.  Because I head out before breakfast, I need an energy boost to tide me over until I can eat a meal. My go-to are these energy balls. I actually prefer them without chocolate chips (which is saying a lot since I am a confirmed chocolate lover) and I like to double the cinnamon for best flavor.  I also added chia seeds to the last two batches I made. 

From the beginning, my plan has been to run as long as I'm able.  I'm nowhere near needing to stop, but my body is starting to drop hints that it won't be easy to run in the third trimester. 

Getting Ready For Baby:
While Maddie was at book club last week, I hit up a yard sale and found all these baby girl treasures for only $3! On a whim, we also put the baby's bed together on Saturday afternoon.  (And by we, I mean Brian.)

I've started experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, one or two per day.  They are never painful but often uncomfortable.  Yesterday, I had my first mid-run contraction.


I'm a compulsive organizer, even without the pregnant urges. This month we did a deep cleaning of the kids' bedrooms.  We ended up with two trunk-loads of stuff for the Goodwill, plus multiple bags for the garbage.  Seeing the new clean open spaces were good for my peace of mind.

A Look Back at the 2nd Trimester:

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