Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekend Links {Study Helps}

Popping in on this perfectly autumn Saturday morning to share 3 links that we are using in our homeschool.  Perhaps you'd like to use them, too. 

{P.S. These are great links, whether you homeschool or not!}

Punctuation and Capitalization
We found this chart especially useful. My older kids each printed a copy to keep in their Daily Grams {affiliate link} workbooks.

The Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures
Sometimes having a visual makes remembering so much easier!

Bible Reading Schedule for the Gospels
My three oldest kids started with John since that's what we were studying on Sunday mornings in church, but now they've moved on to other books of their choosing (Matthew and Proverbs, obviously not one of the Gospels!).

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