Friday, April 11, 2008


I hesitate to even start blogging. I love to write and I also love my computer, but I have an OCD personality and I don't want this to consume me! I have enough to occupy me with 3 little ones and morning (actually, in my case, evening) sickness.

BUT I am venturing into this world of blogging, hoping I can learn a lesson in self-control along the way. So...if I am not a faithful blogger, know that I am instead doing what I feel called by God to do. Taking care of my family...and all that entails.

I am married to my wonderful Brian. It will be 7 years in August. He is currently working to become a partner in the Christian lawn care company he is employed by. We have a boy, a girl, and a boy. And we're expecting again this fall. Yes, I'm busy, and yes, my hands are wonderfully full.

We homeschool our oldest, who is finishing up his first year of kindergarten. He loves math. He also loves trains, yelling, and running (often in the house!). Our middle is a girl and loves girly things...and bugs and lizards. Our youngest is ALL BOY. Have you ever seen a child under two with a broken arm? We hadn't either until he became a toddler.

I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of my thoughts and life with you!


  1. Yeah! You're blogging with me! I'm so excited! I love forward to reading your posts! You have such a wonderful heart and such a strong desire to please God!

    Yes, blogging is addictive! I try to only do it in the mornings, before the kiddos are up (or sometimes while I'm bf the baby) or after they are in bed, at night. Some days I have more to write than others. Right now I only have one kiddo and the other one is napping. I have a pile of clothes to iron, but I'd rather read emails! Hee Hee! Have a great day!

  2. Oh great. Now I have another blog I will be reading every day. (You got your OCD through genetics, I'm afraid.)

    Really though, we will look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing the pics of the cutie-patooties! :-)

    (Kati will be jealous though...she has been wanting us to begin a blog for quite a while. But there's that OCD factor...not to mention my lack of computer skills...

    Love, Mom


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