Sunday, July 6, 2008

Preparing For the Baby

With Baby Benjamin due to arrive in the fall, our house is busy with preparations. Well, not really busy, but as the day draws closer, the list grows longer.

With this being the fourth baby, we don't have many supplies to gather. We've learned to eliminate lots of baby clutter because it just isn't used. The bouncy seat, floor activity mats, etc. left our house long ago but we held onto a small fold-up swing so we'll get that out and dust it off soon. I need to wash my slings, too, because that is my prefered method of baby carrying. We did splurge and buy a Moses basket off of ebay last month so I'll set that up.

Brian will get the big box of baby boy clothes out of the attic at his mom's house. He also has to add a shelf in the boys' armoire to hold the tiny garments.

Nursing eliminates the need for bottles, but we do try to stock up on diapers. I was hoping to go cloth this time, but we've settled on disposables and we'll stash away an extra packs any week we have extra money in the budget.

In my dreams, I will cook a few meals to put in the freezer for postpartum. I have big plans but I rarely get more than a batch or two of bread and maybe a casserole set aside. Instead, we'll set aside a few dollars for take-out!

We're concentrating on getting the older kids ready for a new person in the house. I'm teaching them to do a few chores independently. Maddie has learned to dress and undress with no help. Still working on getting the shed clothes put into the hamper or drawer, though! Owen has finally moved into his mattress beside our bed and stays there all night (no crawling up beside Mama at 2 am!). Naps are easier now, too, as I can put him down on a floor pillow in the living room and he will drift off with me nearby. He has mostly weaned, although I didn't push the issue. I have tandem nursed before, but he decided recently he didn't want to nurse anymore.

I'll make a list of items to pack for the hospital. I used to pack ahead of time, but I put it off with Owen and then he came early and we had nothing ready! It kept me busy in the early stages of labor getting a suitcase packed so I will probably do the same this time. A list is necessary, though, when my brain is a bit foggy.

Fifteen weeks to go...


  1. Its not that far away, huh? You are a well prepared momma. I think your kiddos will do fine with the newest addition. Enjoy your last few weeks with 3 kiddos!

  2. I was incredibly prepared this last time, since my daughter was on Dec. 23rd. I was sure I'd end up being in the hospital on Christmas, so I had our Christmas shopping finished by the end of November along with all the shopping for the 4 family birthdays.

    I wrapped everything the first week of December, had my hospital bag ready to go. And waited, and waited, and waited. Until New Years Eve when the finally induced me, and my daughter was born at 12:08 am and one of the first new years babies here :-)

    In hind sight if waiting to do everything later wouldn't have stressed me out so much, it would've been nice to have something to do over that month!

  3. I packed during early labor too... takes longer when you have to stop every 5ish minutes to get through a contraction. The list was a wonderful help.

    Re: the casseroles in the freezer, my advice to you (it worked for me anyway) is to plan to make double whatever you are making for dinner a couple times a week the last couple months before baby's arrival. I found that doable as far as energy was concerned. And starting that early helps when the baby comes early... then at least you have something in the freezer. :) And of course there is the whole don't be afraid to ask for help thing. :) Wow... 15 weeks... so fun!


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